Fun Bachelorette Party Drinks

It's time to celebrate your last night of freedom with these fun bachelorette party drinks! We found some of our favourite cocktails and shooters to accompany your wild night out with your girls.

Get ready to bust out the shot glasses or sip on these cocktail recipes - totally up to you. Either way these fun recipes will provide a great night of fun!

Nutella Shots

Rim a shot glass with Nutella and sprinkles. In a shaker filled with ice, add 1 tablespoon Nutella, 1 ounce Bailey's, and 1 ounce vodka. Shake and pour into shot glass.

Fun Bachelorette Party Drinks

(Recipe via Cosmopolitan)

The Last Gasp

In a blender add 1 cup ice, 1 1/2 parts Absolut Original, 2 parts Rosé, 1.2 part lime juice, 1 part Agave nectar, and 4 to 5 chunks of cut-up watermelon. Blend on "high" for 30 seconds or until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish with a basil leaf.

Fun Bachelorette Party Drinks

(Recipe via Cosmopolitan)

Bachelorette Margarita

1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
2 oz. of your favorite Tequila
Petals of a fragrant rose (washed)

Combine all ingredients above in a bachelorette shaker filled with ice. Shake gently without injuring the rose petals. Serve on the rocks with lime garnish and umbrella.

Sparkling Rosé Jello Shots

2 cups chilled Rosé champagne (or other sparkling Rosé), divided
1/2 cup Giffard Cremè de Pamplemousse. freshly squeezed lime juice
2 .25-oz packets unflavoured gelatin

Pour one cup of the sparkling rosé into a pot. Sprinkle the gelatin onto the wine and wait 1 minute, then heat and stir to dissolve. Do not boil. Add remaining rosé and the liqueur to the pot and stir. Divide into molds or pour into a shallow pan. Place into the fridge to set, about 4 hours. Serve the shots or use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the gelatin.

Fun Bachelorette Party Drinks

(Recipe via Supercall)

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