Creative Table Centerpieces

Traditional floral displays are beautiful - but if you want to try something a little different, consider one of these options instead!


If you want to add extra romance to your nuptials, candles are the way to go! They'll enhance the atmosphere with their dimly lit flames.

Creative Table Centerpieces


These tropical fruits are perfect for adding a special twist to the most traditional celebrations. Stuff them with flowers and they'll add a fun vibe to your reception!

Creative Table Centerpieces

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These glass containers are extremely popular right now so why not take advantage by using them at your wedding? Fill them with little plants, succulents, flowers or a mix of both to create a super chic and modern centerpiece. With so many terrarium options available, you are guaranteed to find one that suits your style.

Creative Table Centerpieces


You don't have to travel back to the 50's to add vintage charm to your big day. Gather up some old knick-knacks like books, teacups, ornaments and even jewelry to create a unique display at each table! They'll be great talking points for your guests.

Creative Table Centerpieces

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