Wedding Balloons

Flower arrangements are not the only way you can decorate at your wedding. Balloons add a nice whimsical touch to any room and they're on their way to being the next wedding trend. They look great as table centerpieces or even as a table/photo backdrop! With so many different styles and colours, the options are limitless. You can even use balloon letters or numbers to add a special word or date! We've gathered a few of our favourite wedding balloons to give you some inspiration.

Confetti Filled

These giant 3-foot balloons will definitely add the 'wow' factor to any party. Plus, they can be completely customized to match your wedding theme!

Bubble Letters

There's nothing like taking a photo with your significant other in front of a 'love' backdrop. Bubble letter balloons make the perfect statement piece for your next celebration.

Wedding Balloons

(Via Etsy)


Tulle-wrapped balloons are the next big trend in the balloon industry. These balloons are elegant, stylish and are great because they are totally different from typical event balloons. For weddings, these are often paired with light bridal tulle for a soft and stunning effect and adorned with flowers and silk ribbons to complete the look. There is no doubt that your guests will be have their jaws dropped! We don't blame them, they look absolutely beautiful.

What do you think about having balloons as wedding decorations? We think with the right style, they'll fit right into your wedding theme and decor!

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